1. “Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brown

Our Journeys

hike mountain tenerife

Consious Hike

Exploring stunning nature of tenerife, learning from the peace of our earth beeing consious about our environment. Join our regular consious hikes with mindfullness meditation.

tnerife south soundbath

Soundbath Journey

Take your body, mind and senses to an higher level of frequences and vibrations. Experience our soundbaths in nature or at your home with your family and beloved ones.

essential oils, aromatherapy, spa-1433693.jpg

Aroma Therapy

Let yourself get inspired from this beautiful breath taking experience of different aromas from all over the world to heal you, to throw you back in time and let you travel to another level of experience.

milky way, galaxy, dark nebula-6657951.jpg

Romantic Stargazing

Do you want something special? Surprise your beloved ones with a romantic stargazing picnic at the natural park with stunning view to the highest mountain of spain and the dark pure sky with sparkling stars shining for you.

forest, trees, sunlight-56930.jpg

Forest Bath

Deepen your experience with your own breath, your life force energy in the woods of tenerife. Book this unique unfortgetable breathing session to nourish your body with fresh oxygen and to integrate nature into your body.

massage, edge muscle, trapeze-2441819.jpg

Massage Workshop

Learn how to give a fullbody massage to you belove ones and what you need to know to make this experience perfect for your partner.
Are you ready to surprise yourself with what your hands are capable?

“We had an unforgetable experience with Sandra and Laura. They took me and my whole family to a consious hike with a mediation. It was amazing. Thank you so much”

Daniela Peterson


Wellness experiences for pure inner luxury. Make yourself happy now.

With Tenerife South Yoga & Wellness you will experience true wellbeeing. From professional private yoga classes, individual treatments and wellness journeys, we will help you to connect truely with yourself.

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We all need time just for ourselves. Why not starting the journey now. Take care of your wellbeeing in all aspects.